VivaCALL is highly experienced in proactively responding to and managing growth plans, geo-localized agenda sales campaigns.
We create new ways to interact with your customers
We share
the results with you.

Exceptional in selling!


When you need to seel your products or services, in today's economy, it is critical to select a call center outsourcing partner to help you make the most of your sales and it all starts with people.



As company, our core values drive our behaviors and decision making.

• Promoting a team atmosphere based on caring and respect for one another

• Inspiring passion for and commitment to our partners

• Practicing integrity and transparency to our partners

• Valuing creativity, initiative, and an entrepreneurial spirit





Every member of our leadership team embraces and practices this core belief within their team and across the enterprise. When we recruit and hire, we seek out individuals who understand how to motivate and develop employees within a performance based, customer-centric culture like ours. We are located in the suny Bucharest – Romania.

We are in a premier location in Eastern Europe for nearshore multi-lingual quality projects with true capabilities to scale

Why we are different

No Setup Fees
Never charge you a setup fee for your projects

 We specialize in B2B and B2C call center outsourcing sales and telemarketing services. We understand call centers inside and out. The upswings, the pitfalls, and the best resources and processes. With 15+ years of experience of managing Outbound support programs, VivaCALL is able to offer totally scalable and flexible solutions.

The Right Price
Assure the best fit at the right cost to your business

  We love to promote new products and services and facilitate the job of your sales force on the field with geo-located solutions designed to maximize the results of your sales effort.

Share Results
Share our results with you with a unique revenue sharing model

 VivaCALL has built an extensive quality assurance program to lead, define, and achieve qualit and performance. Our centralized quality model not only incorporates VivaCALL’s internal industry best practice standards of measure, but also defines and customizes quality assurance programs specific to your individual needs

Real Time Reporting
Run your projects with maximum transparency

 A vital resource for anyone trying to keep up with a country changing minute by minute.

what we do

We love what we do and we promise to give you the best!

Stop juggling multiple vendors for your marketing. At vivaCALL, we can handle all of your marketing needs.

Highly Efficient

  vivaCall Centers are a centralized, highly efficient solution designed to manage large volumes of customer interactions.  

Superior Service

  Our superior customer service is a result of our rigorous screening and on-boarding process to identify and successfully train the best agents. 

Retailers Trust

 Ongoing training/coaching of team members, with a highly collaborative client engagement model, are reasons Retailers trust our Call Centers. 

Outbound B2B

With our Outbound B2B Telemarketing campaigns, Custom Outbound solutions, Advanced Geo-located campaigns we are the right solution for you!  

Service Excellence

 We manage, measure and monitor the performance and activities of our agents to ensure quality control, proficiency and service excellence. 

Inbound Call Handling

 Inbound customer calls are received, routed and actioned via the vivaCALL Lead Distribution algorithm to the appropriate contractor. 


More than 10.000 sales calls per day


Positive feedback


More than 7000 sales apointments managed/year


lines of code


coops of coffe


ticket responded

At vivaCALL

we are more than just a full service marketing agency – we aim to be your exclusive marketing partner.
Outbound Telemarketing
while there are hundreds of companies who claim to match any level of expertise, we boast service levels and a track record that you won’t find anywhere else.
Lead Generation
we are more than just a full service marketing agency – we aim to be your exclusive marketing partner. While there are hundreds of companies who claim to match any level of expertise, we boast service levels and a track record that you won’t find anywhere else.
Appointment Selling

We are hiring!! Join us today!

We are leader in business to business appointment setting, lead generation, market research and development, and market share expansion. Our clients include web services, telco, utilities, online shopping, IT firms, and much more. We call other businesses on our client’s behalf, to market the products and services of our clients.



contact us

Phone:+40 31 432 6737 
Adresse: Strada Iacob Felix, 70 - 5th floor, District 1, Bucharest, Romania

Work hours

Monday - Friday: 9am - 49pm
Saturday: 9am - 3pm
Sunday: closed